The Price Of Raw Materials Should Be Mixed With Copper Foil

- Jun 21, 2018-

Raw material prices take turns to go to the copper foil to mix a foot? This year is a "demon year" for raw materials.

 In the first half, the price of cobalt rose twice, in everyone has not returned to the time, lithium carbonate held the baton, continued to rise 30%; while everyone exclaimed that the supply of cobalt and lithium may affect the industry, the anode raw material needle coke began to rise in price, 2 months Rose 700%! This wave of price hikes people overwhelmed, into the August, we have received the price of copper foil manufacturers notice.

 As of August 3, 8um of battery-grade copper foil mainstream price has risen to 96 yuan/kg, but only a week ago or 88 yuan/kg price, a week of rising prices 10% had to make people askance.  In this respect, a major domestic copper foil manufacturers said, 8, 9, October is generally the circuit board copper foil market peak season, and lithium battery production season is just three quarters and four quarters, resulting in battery-grade copper foil Also in this time period demand increased, both resonance led to the current shortage of copper foil phenomenon.  A copper foil traders said that since June, electrolytic copper price has risen about 5000 yuan/ton, directly push up copper foil production cost of 5 yuan/kg, coupled with the demand for copper foil, manufacturers to increase the processing costs, a series of factors leading to the current price of copper foil rise. To this phenomenon,      we can not help but recall last year copper foil market madness.  In late September 2016, due to the shortage of copper foil market supply, production enterprises take cash to copper foil factory grab goods, and battery-grade copper foil from the original 72 yuan/kg soared to 88 yuan/kg, PCB copper foil from 60 yuan/kg up to 100 yuan/kg, quite alarming. "There is no doubt that in the September copper foil market supply and demand contradictions will be more serious than now, we now do not accept long list, in addition to large customers, small single is a single bargaining."  "The copper foil manufacturer said so. Xin Luo information that the stable supply of materials is the basis for the development of the battery industry, but the supply of raw materials can not keep pace with the development of the industry, especially the resources of products in the expansion speed constraints, will lead to a number of cyclical shortage phenomenon, which is also a rapid development of the industry is inevitable. In this respect, manufacturers can only strengthen the procurement system management, despite the avoidance of such short period fluctuations.