Lithium Button Battery CR1616

Lithium Button Battery CR1616

Application Memory power for notebook PC,CMOS Main power for electronic products (e.g.Electronic dictionary) Main power for small craftwork(e.g.Flash tour shoes,Necklace,etc.) Watch,Remote Controller etc. Optional upon request Low magnetic version Key features High-voltage(3V) Wide working...

Product Details


 Memory power for notebook PC,CMOS

 Main power for electronic products (e.g.Electronic dictionary)

 Main power for small craftwork(e.g.Flash tour shoes,Necklace,etc.)

 Watch,Remote Controller etc.


Optional upon request

 Low magnetic version


Key features


 Wide working temperature range

 Stable operating voltage

 Excellent safety performance

 Excellent storage performance  

 Low self-discharge rate 

 Compliant with IEC-60086 safety standard and UN shipment authentication

 Underwriters Laboratories(UL) Component Recognition (File Number MH26236)


Electrical characteristics

 Nominal capacity: 50mAh

 Nominal voltage: 3.0V

 Maximum recommended continuous current: 3mA

 Maximum pulse current: 8mA

 Storage: +20±2℃

 Operating temperature range:-20℃~+ 60℃


Physical characteristics

Diameter (max)--------------------16.0_0.3mm

Height (max)------------------------1.6_0.2mm

Typical weight----------------------1.1g

Li metal content approx.---------0.018g