Where is the lithium cobalt oxide battery often used?

- Nov 01, 2018-

After long-term development, lithium cobalt oxide batteries have formed four product lines: cylindrical batteries, polymer soft pack batteries, aluminum shell batteries and steel shell batteries, which are used in the high-end, mid-end and low-end markets respectively.

1. The high-end application of lithium cobalt oxide battery is mainly notebook computer. Because notebook computer has high requirements on battery capacity and safety, it can only meet the application of cylindrical lithium cobalt oxide battery with good consistency.

2, the middle-end customers of lithium cobalt oxide batteries are mainly first-line brand mobile phones, digital cameras, mobile DVD, first-line brand MP4, GPS and digital photo frame manufacturers. The sales of lithium batteries by the four major domestic lithium giants and other large-scale manufacturers are mainly concentrated in this field. The same is the mobile phone, MP4 and digital photo frame, the quality requirements of the first-line brand for lithium batteries will be strict, but at the same time, the profit of the first-line brand customers will be relatively high, the payment will be more punctual, this part of the customer is more valued the battery company's strength and battery quality. The demand for lithium cobalt oxide batteries in the mid-end market is mainly soft pack batteries and aluminum shell batteries.

3. The low-end customers of lithium cobalt oxide batteries are mainly MP3, MP4, GPS, digital photo frame manufacturers and domestic second- and third-line mobile phone manufacturers and cottage mobile phones. These manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta. The main demand is steel. Shell batteries, as well as some aluminum and liquid soft pack batteries. Most of the second- and third-line mobile phones and cottage mobile phone manufacturers are domestic trade, and the price is the most important competitive factor for their products. Other MP3 manufacturers are mainly foreign trade-oriented businesses. Because they are at the lower end of their industrial chain, the price is often A factor they value very much.