What is a button-type lithium-ion battery?

- Sep 14, 2018-

The button type lithium ion battery is recharged and can be repeatedly charged and discharged. Its main features: nominal voltage 3.6v; large discharge current, can be discharged at a discharge rate of 0.5C, for example, a battery with a capacity of 120mAh, discharge current up to 60mA; maximum discharge up to 2C, charge and discharge times up to 500 cycles.

Button-type lithium-ion batteries are mainly used in hand-cranked rechargeable flashlights, Bluetooth headsets, MP3s, electronic calendars and clocks, calculators, tax control machines, etc.

Due to the small capacity of the button-type lithium-ion battery, the charger must match the capacity of the battery and use constant current and constant voltage charging. Do not charge with a Li-Ion battery charger.

Button lithium ion battery application:

Lithium batteries have a high operating voltage, so the energy is twice as large as a traditional coin cell battery. It can be used in the motherboard of the computer for the real-time clock power supply, the camera's perpetual calendar chip power supply and remote control camera infrared remote control power supply, electronic dictionary, calculator, small electronic toys, battery in hand-powered flashlight, Bluetooth headset , MP3 player, electronic calendar clock, barcode reader, tax controller, etc.