What is a button battery?

- Sep 13, 2018-

The button battery is also called a button battery, which refers to a battery with a small size like a small button. Generally speaking, the diameter is larger and the thickness is thinner (relative to the column battery such as the AA battery on the market), the button battery is from The shape is divided into batteries, and the corresponding batteries are classified into a column battery, a square battery, and a shaped battery.

Button batteries are generally available in both rechargeable and non-charged versions, including 3.6V rechargeable lithium ion button battery (LIR series), 3V rechargeable lithium ion button battery (ML or VL series); The charging includes 3V lithium manganese button battery (CR series) and 1.5V alkaline zinc manganese button battery (LR and SR series);

The more common button batteries are AG3, AG10, AG13 batteries for toys and gifts, batteries on the computer motherboard, CR2032 for CR2025 in electronic dictionary, CR2016 or SR44, SR626 for electronic watches;

The English letter in front of the model name of the button battery indicates the type of battery, the number indicates the size, the first two digits indicate the diameter, and the last two digits indicate the thickness;

Typical typical models are: 6F22 (9V), 4F22 (6V), 15F20 (22.5V), 10A (9V), 11A (6V), 23A (12V), 25A (9V), 26A (6V), 27A (12 ), 476A (6V), 120H7D (8.4V), 2X625A (3V) and so on.