Power lithium-ion battery and high-performance lithium-ion battery

- Sep 01, 2018-

Strictly speaking, a power lithium-ion battery refers to a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of more than 3 Ah. At present, it refers to a lithium-ion battery that can be driven to equipment, instruments, models, vehicles, and the like by discharge. Power lithium-ion batteries are divided into high-capacity and high-power types. High-capacity batteries can be used in power tools, bicycles, scooters, miner's lamps, medical equipment, etc.; high-power batteries are mainly used in hybrid vehicles and other occasions where large batteries are required to be charged and discharged. According to different internal materials, power lithium-ion batteries are divided into liquid power lithium-ion batteries and polymer lithium-ion power batteries, which are collectively referred to as power lithium-ion batteries.

High-performance lithium-ion battery: In order to break through the storage bottleneck of traditional lithium batteries, it is necessary to develop a new iron-carbon storage material that can store more stores in a small storage unit. However, the obvious shortcoming of this material is that the charging cycle is unstable, and the storage capacity is significantly reduced after the battery is charged and discharged multiple times. To this end, a new synthetic method came into being. Mixing and heating a few raw materials with a lithium salt to create a new nanostructured material with carbon nanotubes, which creates a storage unit and a conductive circuit on a nanoscale material.