Power battery application in the car

- Sep 27, 2018-

The indicators for evaluating the power battery technology for hybrid vehicles are as follows:
(1) Mass specific power (W/kg): The mass-to-power ratio of the battery represents the power that can be supplied per kilogram of mass of the battery. Its big
It indicates the acceleration performance and the highest speed of the car, which has a direct impact on the dynamic performance of the electric vehicle. In a hybrid car, the specific power of the battery is the most critical factor, because the battery can be recharged under the operating conditions of the internal combustion engine after the battery is exhausted.
(2) Mass specific energy (Wh/kg): It indicates the ability to continue driving in pure electric mode.
(3) Number of cycles: The operation of the power battery is a cyclic process of constant charge-discharge-charge-discharge. Once charged and discharged, the chemical reaction in the power battery will undergo a reversible chemical reaction. As the number of charging and discharging increases
The chemically active substances in the power battery will age, gradually weaken their chemical functions, and reduce the charging of the power battery.
The last part or all lose its charging and discharging function. The number of working cycles of the power battery is an important indicator for measuring the life of the power battery, and has a direct impact on the use of the power battery.
(4) Cost: The cost of the battery is related to the new technical content of the battery, materials, manufacturing methods and production scale. Currently, the newly developed high specific power power battery has a higher cost.