Power battery application field

- Sep 27, 2018-

1. Automobile and motorcycle industry. Mainly to provide power for the ignition of the engine and the use of in-vehicle electronic equipment;
2. Industrial power system. It is used for power transmission substations, providing closing current for power units, providing backup power for public facilities and power supply for communication;
3. Electric vehicle and electric bicycle industry. It replaces gasoline and diesel as a driving power source for electric vehicles or electric bicycles.
Today, the power battery pack focuses on the development of new energy industries such as electric vehicles and energy storage batteries. Lithium batteries are recognized as ideal energy storage components and have received higher attention. China has also invested huge capital and policy support in the field of power batteries, and has already emerged as a striking backbone enterprise in the global battery industry such as BYD, BAK, Lishen, and AVIC Lithium. Cathode materials, anode materials, battery separators and electrolytes are the four most important raw materials for lithium batteries. Due to the high investment risk and high technical threshold, lithium battery separators have not been able to achieve large-scale domestic production and become a constraint to the development of China's lithium battery industry. The bottleneck, especially in the field of power lithium-ion batteries with higher requirements on safety and consistency, is an insurmountable obstacle in China from the big lithium battery production country to the lithium battery production power.

The main production process of lithium battery separator can be divided into dry and wet methods. The vehicle power battery has a large capacity and high safety requirements, which also requires the diaphragm to have higher strength, liquid holding capacity and safe temperature. The dry process can be in the form of a multi-layer composite. The separator has many advantages such as structural safety, uniform pores, good gas permeability, high temperature resistance, etc., and is fully satisfied with the strict requirements of the power lithium battery. Manufacturers have recognized that the diaphragm of this process is the application direction of power lithium batteries.