Lithium-manganese dioxide battery manufacturing process

- Nov 05, 2018-

1、Preparation of manganese dioxide cathode

The heat-treated electrolytic manganese dioxide powder is mixed with acetylene black, polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion and isopropyl alcohol in a certain ratio and stirred into a paste, and then the paste is uniformly coated on the metal collecting net for heat treatment and crushing. Another method is to form the electrode by heating the prepared positive electrode paste and placing it on both sides of the metal current collector by rolling on a roll machine. The prepared electrode should be placed in an environment where the air humidity is less than 2010.

2、 the preparation of metal lithium anode

According to different battery models, select the lithium strip of the corresponding thickness and width, and cut it to the required length, and then cold-weld the lugs on the cut lithium strip. The preparation of the negative electrode must be carried out in an environment where the relative humidity is less than 2%.

3、the preparation of the diaphragm

The polypropylene diaphragm conforming to the thickness and width requirements is dried and placed in an environment with a humidity of less than 2% for use. A composite diaphragm that can be closed at 130-160 ° C is usually used.

4、the preparation of the battery core

In a humidity of less than 2%, two layers of a membrane slightly wider than the electrode are coated on both sides of the manganese dioxide positive electrode to separate the positive electrode from the lithium negative electrode, and then wound into a core body on a winder and then released. Inside the battery case. 

5、the preparation of electrolyte solution

The electrolyte solution formula is different from each manufacturer. The basic preparation method is to prepare the mixture of lithium perchlorate after water removal and purified propylene carbonate and ethylene glycol dimethyl ether in proportion. The preparation of the electrolyte solution is required to be carried out in a dry air environment having a humidity of less than 2%.

6、Filling of electrolyte solution and sealing of liquid injection port

The upper cover with the glass insulator is first welded to the housing in which the electrode core is mounted, and then a predetermined weight of the electrolyte solution is injected into the battery from the injection hole by a liquid filling machine, and the steel ball is used for plugging and welding.