Lithium-manganese battery characteristics

- Sep 29, 2018-

Lithium batteries are currently the most used lithium button batteries (the earliest we call them mercury batteries, because the pollution and capacitance have been gradually replaced by lithium-manganese formula) basic voltage is 3.0V, the highest capacitance up to 1200mAH. Lithium-manganese batteries can be designed to be light, thin, and high in capacity. In addition, the discharge curve is stable, so many high-tech products such as motherboards use it as a backup battery for memory. In addition, the lithium battery designed as a cylindrical type has high capacity, low internal resistance, and can discharge a large current instantaneously, which is an excellent choice for the camera battery market. However, because its raw material lithium metal has a relatively high chemical activity, it should not be used too much in the same battery to avoid the risk of explosion. The main characteristic of the battery is that the battery voltage is high, the rated voltage is 3V (2 times that of a general alkaline battery); the termination discharge voltage is 2V; the specific energy is large; the discharge voltage is stable and reliable; and the storage performance is good (storage time 3 Above year), self-discharge rate is low (annual self-discharge rate ≤ 2%); working temperature range is -20 ° C ~ +60 ° C.