Lithium-ion battery safety problem solving measures

- Sep 05, 2018-

Although lithium-ion batteries have safety problems, due to their superiority, there are no other types of batteries that can be replaced. Lithium-ion battery companies have also strengthened their control over safety, mainly in the following areas: replacing lithium cobalt oxide with new cathode materials in areas with high safety requirements (eg lithium manganate, iron phosphate) Lithium, ternary system, etc.).

1. Set the control circuit for charging and discharging;

2. Improve the thermal closure performance of the membrane micropores;

3. Develop a solvent with good thermal stability;

4. Develop electrolyte additives to improve flame retardant effect;

5. Surface coating modification of positive and negative materials;

6. Use a gel electrolyte or a solid polymer electrolyte.

7. Control the production environment and product quality in a more rigorous manner

8. Develop more detailed and rigorous industry and corporate standards