Lithium-ion battery maintenance tips

- Nov 30, 2017-

Lithium-ion battery maintenance tips
Charging shall not exceed the maximum charging voltage, discharge not less than the minimum operating voltage. The company is located in:
No  matter at any time lithium-ion battery must be kept above the minimum  operating voltage, low voltage over-discharge or self-discharge reaction  will lead to lithium-ion active material decomposition damage, and may  not be able to restore. The company is located in:
Any form of overcharge of a lithium-ion battery can cause serious damage to the battery's performance, or even explosion. Lithium-ion battery charging process must avoid overcharging the battery. The company is located in:
Do not often deep discharge, deep charge. However, after about 30 charge cycles, the charge-sensing chip  automatically performs a deep-discharge and deep-charge to accurately  evaluate the state of the battery.
Avoid high temperatures, ranging from shortened life expectancy, severe cases can cause an explosion. If the conditions can be stored in the refrigerator. Laptop If you are using AC power, please remove the lithium-ion battery bar, so as to avoid the heat generated by the computer.
Avoid freezing, but most lithium ion battery electrolyte freezing point at -40 ℃, not easy to freeze. The company is located in:
If you do not have long-term use, please 40% ~ 60% of the charge storage. When the battery is too low, it may discharge due to self-discharge. The company is located in:
As  the lithium-ion battery will not be used when the natural aging,  therefore, the purchase should be based on the actual need to buy, not  too much to buy.