Lead acid battery recycling method

- Sep 19, 2018-

Common equipment: These batteries are mainly used to power automation equipment, such as cars, boats, golf carts, motorcycles and even lawn mowers. Receiving method: similar to other batteries. The recovery rate of lead-acid batteries is as high as 97%, which is the highest among all consumer products in the United States. This is good because they contain lead and sulfuric acid and are one of the most dangerous objects in the dump. If you buy a new car battery, ask about the recycling method for the old battery at the time of installation.
Recovery results: When recycling, lead-acid batteries are divided into three major parts: plastic, lead and sulfuric acid. The polypropylene plastic will be reprocessed into a new battery case; the lead will be reworked for use in new batteries. The acid in the battery is neutralized and cleaned by a sewage treatment plant; otherwise it is converted to sodium sulfate for use in clothing cleaners.