Basic knowledge - capacity lithium ion power battery

- Aug 22, 2018-

Basic knowledge of lithium ion power battery - capacity

The amount of electricity that a battery can give under certain discharge conditions and the capacity called a battery are indicated by the symbol C. Commonly used units are ampere hours, referred to as Anshi (Ah) or mAh (mAh).

The capacity of the battery can be divided into theoretical capacity, rated capacity, and actual capacity.

The theoretical capacity is the highest theoretical value calculated by calculating the mass of the active substance according to Faraday's law. In order to compare different series of batteries, the concept of specific capacity is commonly used, that is, the theoretical amount of electricity that can be given per unit volume or unit mass of battery, in units of Ah/kg (mAh/g) or Ah/L (mAh/cm3).

The actual capacity of the test paper battery under certain conditions. He is equal to the product of the discharge current and the discharge time, in Ah, which is less than the theoretical capacity.

The rated capacity is also called guaranteed capacity. It is the minimum capacity that should be released under certain discharge conditions according to the standards promulgated by the state or relevant departments.