Application range of 3V lithium manganese battery CR2450

- Oct 10, 2018-

The CR2450 lithium manganese battery uses chemically stable manganese dioxide as the positive electrode material, and the high energy lithium metal is used as the negative electrode material to ensure high and low steady current, effectively preventing the damage of the unstable current to the electrical appliance. Made of stainless steel, the rice bump process, better contact with electrical appliances, battery voltage stability, continuous working time becomes longer. Low self-discharge rate, long life, high-quality lithium batteries, after strict quality control and power testing, to ensure full battery power. The use of high-quality materials, the production process level checks, the use of sufficient power, long-lasting discharge, longer life; a wide range of use, for the back power supply of various electronic products. Lisun CR2450 lithium manganese button battery can be used for car remote control, motherboard memory power, access control card, electronic dictionary, laptop, calculator, pedometer, LED neck lamp, human body electronic scale, game console, electrical remote control, riding Line lights, electronic watches, thermometers.