Application fields of lithium-thionyl chloride batteries

- Oct 12, 2018-

Main use: Lithium thionyl chloride battery can be used in various fields, mainly used for smart card watches (water, electricity, gas meters), computer support power, medical equipment, wireless communication, oil drilling, portable communication equipment, scientific research instruments, remote control data Acquisition systems, military applications and other electrical equipment. Mainly used in the civilian field: public instrumentation AMR and CMOS circuit boards. Various smart meters: smart meters, water meters, heat meters, gas meters. Memory and backup power: memory backup, clock power, data backup power. Radio alarm/sensor: smoke alarm, temperature monitor. Remote monitoring system: positioning device, marine telemetry system. Automotive Electronics: Tire tire pressure monitoring system. Industrial fields: automated instrumentation and equipment, petroleum oil wells, mines, medical equipment, burglar alarms, wireless communications, marine lifesaving, etc.