Advantages of lithium battery

- Aug 21, 2018-

A lithium anode primary battery has more advantages than a conventional battery pack.

Superior performance includes:

1. High voltage: compared with most 1.5v primary batteries, the voltage of lithium batteries with cathode materials is as high as 3.9v, and the higher battery voltage can reduce the number of single batteries in the battery pack by 1/2.

2. Higher than energy: the energy output of lithium battery (over 200Wh/kg and 400Wh/L) is 2-4 times higher or more than that of traditional zinc anode battery.

3. Wide operating temperature range: many lithium batteries can be higher than 70 ℃ and 40 ℃ - or lower the temperature range of work.

4. Higher than power: some lithium-ion batteries can release energy with high current and power.

5. Stable discharge performance: the smooth discharge point curve (with constant voltage and impedance in most discharge processes) is unique to most lithium batteries.

6. Long storage life: lithium batteries can be stored for a long time even at high temperature. Program storage at room temperature reached ten years: below 20 ℃ storage more than five years and under 70 ℃ storage has reached a year.